PoC EV: Hoe kun je personal data delen onder nieuwe EU data regulation?

Geplaatst op 27 juni 2023, 19:11 uur

Een interessant webinar van DG ENV van de EU:

Je vindt er webinar, slides en kort verslag. Interessant om te doordenken wat er komt kijken bij data exchange en actuele EU-data-wetgeving; welke rechten heb je vwb je eigen data? 

During this webinar, a collaboration between SEMIC and DG ENV was brought forward expanding on the investigation and practicalities of embedding green transition projects with data sourced from personal devices. As part of this effort, a proof-of-concept app was developed that demonstrates the user journey of the individual proving consent to share personal device data, the mechanisms in place to enable data sovereignty, and the chain of interaction among data holders, intermediaries and recipients. Overall, the experience developed by SEMIC was dedicated to give insights regarding these field questions:

Is it possible to embed green transition projects with data sourced from personal devices while ensuring compliance with the legal framework on personal data?
What is a technology that can instantiate shared semantics,  prescribed roles, and legal policies that apply when channeling personal data?

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