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#OdysseyMomentum 2020, November 13-15.

More than 2.000 players will be building solutions at Odyssey Momentum, your online mass collaboration arena. Explore the next horizon of human collaboration.

Your involvement will be crucial! All Odyssey 2020 Challenges have an impact on your life and the teams may very well need your help.

Whether it’s about the future of acute healthcare, energy transition to a fossil free future, protecting marine biodiversity, safety in supply chains, reinventing government, or how we can move from destructive systems towards regenerative systems.

At Momentum, we will co-create open source solutions with the teams, partners, and their stakeholders.

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About Odyssey:
Odyssey is an online incubator for multi-stakeholder collaboration that connects governmental, corporate, scientific, and nonprofit partners with anyone that can contribute to building open source solutions for complex 21st-century challenges.

Together, we create an interconnected, multi-stakeholder ecosystem where we discover the future by building it.

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